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Diameter Correction Tool

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The internal thread effective diameter, which used to be difficult to determine, can now be measured with readable values.

Achieves Stable Tool Life with Accurate Diameter Measurement

How can we properly determine the diameter correction value?

When the effective diameter of the limit gauge is minus, the radius correction value of the thread mill cannot be determined. However, with the use of the thread mill Diameter Correction Tool (DCT), the effective diameter can be measured with readable values. Proper diameter correction value can eliminate the risk of hole expansion, allow appropriate adjustment and significantly reduce setup time.

Will the internal thread effective diameter be the same after changing tool?

Knowing the internal thread effective diameter value can help maintain the same effective diameter after exchanging tool. As long as the starting position is the same, it can be aligned to help predict and stabilize tool life.



Three Support Tools for Your Thread Milling Needs

  • Reduce Setup Time
  • Reduce Machining Time
  • Achieve Stable Tool Life


For 6H with scale

  • M6~M24

For 3B with scale

  • 5/16U

Measuring Method

Get the value of the effective diameter at a glance by simply inserting the DCT into the thread and releasing the scale sleeve once it has reached the deepest position