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About Us


Innovation, Quality, and service are popular buzz words used frequently by many cutting tool companies. What is the difference?

The difference is in the definition, where OSG’s standards of quality, innovation, and service simply exist on a higher plateau.

A higher plateau of innovation that in the last 5 years has yielded over 750 new product lines (32,347 items) and 116 patents.

A higher plateau of quality that includes worldwide ISO 9001 certifications, along with direct certifications and accreditations from the largest aerospace, automotive, and Die/Mold companies in the world.

A higher plateau of service that is committed to customer needs anywhere and anytime; commitment to communication to provide the right tool every time; and commitment to the environment to produce eco-friendly products.

At OSG, we work tirelessly to engineer only the very best tool so that our customers can have peace of mind knowing they have the absolute best tool for the job in their spindle.

Family Pride

OSG, originally named Osawa Screw Grind Company, is a family company that was founded in 1938 by Hideo Osawa.

When you pick up an OSG tool, it is worth noting that our core competencies now are the same as they were 80 years ago, rooted in the manufacturing of solid round tooling. We have not divested or diluted into other markets for the sake of artificial growth. Our growth strategy rests securely in our commitment to producing the singular most innovative and high quality cutting tools in the world, supported by nothing less than world class customer service.

So when you tap a thread, drill a hole, or mill a part; know the expertise, strength, and pride of the OSG family is behind you.

Ponder: If your name were attached to a cutting tool, wouldn’t you want it to stand alone? Us too.

Control = Quality

By now, you should have noticed that at OSG, quality drives profit, and not the other way around. This is why OSG maintains absolute control over every aspect of our manufacturing capabilities.

Our products do not stem from multitudes of newly acquired companies. OSG products are produced in-house with absolute control. We produce our carbide, we design our tools, and we develop and apply our coatings. What other cutting tool company in the world actually manufactures over 70% of all their tool grinding CNC machines? The fact remains, every time any component of manufacturing is outsourced, quality is potentially compromised because control to change what may need to be fixed is out of your hands.

At OSG, we are not willing to make those compromises.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is not new tools. Innovation is new tools that create solutions. At OSG, innovation does not begin with our factory or within a production line. It begins with communication with our customers, out-of-the-box-thinking, and rapid development technology.

We believe this so deeply that we constructed the 50,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art OSG Global Technology (GT) Center. Housing over 40 of the latest CNC machining centers, along with OSG rapid prototype grinding machines, for the sole purpose of testing, designing, producing, and evaluating the latest in cutting tool technology.

Every aspect of the GT Center emulates innovation, including the building itself, which uses solar panels to power air conditioning, streaming recycled rain water down the front cools the building, motion sensors on all lights and plumbing fixtures, eco-friendly bamboo floors in lobbies, and sprawling vines over the buildings face to further reduce ambient heat.

Global Network

Innovation begins with customer communication. OSG has grown over the last 76 years and now runs 41 overseas operations in 25 countries.

As a truly global company OSG is able to leverage the knowledge we acquire, through experience across the globe, to develop innovative cutting tool solutions. Harvesting and combining strategies, concepts, and ideas worldwide to create new recipes for success.

In other words, if there is a solution (or even an idea for a solution) anywhere in the modern industrial world, chances are we are all over it.

Oh So Green

At OSG it is about more than just growing. It is also about growing responsibly, by being actively mindful of the environment and any means by which we can improve it.

This is why we strive to produce tools that are more environmentally friendly, such as coolant-fed drills and taps designed to perform with MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication). Thus reducing coolant waste from gallons to ounces.

Or voluntarily attaining the ISO 140001 certification, which certifies annually OSG’s on-going commitment to reducing the impact our manufacturing facilities have on the environment. As of 2009, our 4 largest factories recycle 99.9% of all materials and liquids used in manufacturing.

While our name represents a family, we don’t mind if people mistake our initials for an “Oh So Green” company.

The Bottom Line

What does quality really mean to you? And innovation? Service? Strength? Do you have total peace of mind knowing you have the absolute best tool in the spindle?

While you can’t always see why OSG is better, the reasons why are none the less there. Like intensive R&D to develop carbide substrates in parallel with our latest coatings to ensure optimum adhesion strength. Or developing special CNC grinding technology to produce absolutely seamless radius transitions on our ball end mills, thereby reducing cutting friction and improving tool life and finish.

Bottom line: You can go through a bunch of the cheaper guys’ tools, never resting easy knowing there is probably something better. OR you can use one OSG tool, and sleep soundly with the knowledge you have the best.