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Product Lineup

Rolling Flat Dies (DP, T-DP)

Flat dies produce external threads by cold forming. OSG offers customization in accordance to the required material and machinery specifications.

Face MillThread Rolling Cylindrical Dies (TR)

Cylindrical dies are made for through-feed rolling and in-feed rolling. OSG offers customization in accordance to any desired specification.

Rotary Type Thread Rolling Dies (RCD・RSD)

Planetary dies are precision ground on both the rotary die as well as the segment die. These dies may be turned over for additional settings where thread length permits. OSG offers custom dies based on any desired specification.

Rack Type Rolling Dies (RF)

Rack dies are designed to eliminate the machine adjustment often required in die set up. OSG can manufacture rack dies to custom prints.

Trimming Dies (TMD)

Trim dies are designed to remove the flashing left over from the cold heading process on the head of bolts and fasteners. OSG can produce custom trim dies to any desired specification quickly and to the highest quality standard.

Thread Rolling Cylindrical Dies (RD)

Cutting tool for machining male threads. Rolling tools are generally used to machine male threads, but thread rolling cylindrical dies are used to cut screws for lathes.