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The OSG Difference

Innovation, Quality, and service are popular buzz words used frequently by many cutting tool companies. What is the difference?

The difference is in the definition, where OSG's standards of quality, innovation, and service simply exist on a higher plateau.

A higher plateau of innovation that in the last 5 years has yielded over 750 new product lines (32,347 items) and 116 patents.

A higher plateau of quality that includes worldwide ISO 9001 certifications, along with direct certifications and accreditations from the largest aerospace, automotive, and Die/Mold companies in the world.

A higher plateau of service that is committed to customer needs anywhere and anytime; commitment to communication to provide the right tool every time; and commitment to the environment to produce eco-friendly products.

At OSG, we work tirelessly to engineer only the very best tool so that our customers can have peace of mind knowing they have the absolute best tool for the job in their spindle.

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